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Bay Area Community Kitchens (BACK) was formed by an all-volunteer cadre of local professionals passionate about addressing the ever-growing food insecurity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Spearheaded by SF nonprofit leader, Lisa Spinali, we’re using our smarts and network of caring people to implement this boots-on-the-ground effort.

We're leveraging our local resources, City funds, private philanthropy, donated and purchased food, empty kitchen space, SF City College, and volunteer efforts while hiring food service workers and more. By reducing expenses, simplifying processes, utilizing food-saving technology, and raising community engagement, our model is a long-term, sustainable solution to address food insecurity in California.

Our Team

Our Advisory Board

Robert Egger
Nancy Katz
Eric McDonnell
Michael Mina
Barbie Izquierdo
Stephen Liu
Tanya Melillo
Jason Rose

Food Philosophy

The backbone of our Food Philosophy is best summarized by these three actions:


While we partially rely on donated foods, we reserve a budget to support local farmers who are stewards of the land and the people who care for it. We partner with farms that are supportive of farm workers' rights and who produce food in a biodiverse and sustainable manner.


Our principal goal is to ensure that those who receive our food are able to enjoy delicious and nourishing meals. We design menus that are globally-inspired and culturally diverse, accounting for the demographics that we serve. Our menus are plant-forward, leveraging a wide range of plant-based proteins. We use animal proteins, but only sparingly, as flavor agents. Our menus are designed to thoughtfully minimize waste.


We aim to provide three meals a day, in a timely fashion that preserves the integrity of our food. We select packaging that ensures heat retention while being easy to store and pleasant to use. We welcome feedback and are nimble in our response, always remembering that we exist to bring comfort to those who need it most.

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